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  Putting cameras in the hands of people so they can explore and share their perspectives on family, community, and their futures.

  A straight forward method of fostering family and community dialog.



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 Engaging patients and communities in health

Sponsored by Global Health, Public Health Program, College of Education and Health Sciences, Touro University California. June 7th, 2013

Laura presented a workshop: In this one-day, hands-on, interactive workshop, social scientist Laura S. Lorenz explored the foundations of photovoice and share photos from three photovoice projects she has led in the US and South Africa since 2001--with teenage girls, youth living with HIV/AIDS, and adult brain injury survivors. By the end of this workshop, participants will have a solid understanding of this popular approach to participatory health and community research and its potential applications.

For more information, please click (here).

 Engaging Youth in Picturing Health and its Social Determinants: A Photovoice Training Workshop

Laura will be conducting a two-day workshop hosted by The Northwestern Connecticut Area Health Education Center (NW CT AHEC) in Waterbury, Connecticut  January 10th - 11th, 2013.  The workshop covers the foundations of photovoice, a participatory action research process in which people represent their points of view and experience using photographs and narratives, often for the purpose of defining strengths and gaps in health and healthcare as they relate to participants’ daily lives and communities. The purposes of the NW CT AHEC photovoice project are to describe social determinants of health in Waterbury from a youth perspective and empower participating youth to be – and to be seen as – resources in their communities.

The workshop is sponsored by The Waterbury Health Department, the  Northwestern Connecticut Area Health Education Center and the Waterbury Hospital.

For more information please click (here) to visit our Lectures and Workshops page.


Insights into Occupation: Visual Research Methods and the Study of Occupation 2012 Annual Research Conference - Society for the Study of Occupation (SSO:USA) Portland, Oregon, October 4th - 6th, 2012.

Description of this workshop: Visual research methods allow individuals to share their experiences with researchers, clinicians, faculty, and service providers to identify strengths, challenges, hopes, goals, and opportunities for dialogue and change. With these methods participants create art or take photographs of their lives and experience to answer specific questions, and discuss their art or photos with service providers, researchers, and each other. The approach has been used to explore lived experience with health and healthcare, illuminate barriers to access, illustrate quality of care, evaluate programs in respectful and meaningful ways, and more recently, to explore everyday occupations. This institute will cover the foundations of visual methods, provide examples of photos and narratives from work with individuals living with brain injury, people living with HIV/AIDS, and others, and provide hands-on, interactive experience with several visual research steps: becoming a visual researcher, using visual methods in an ethical manner, discussing images, writing captions, and analyzing images and text. Of particular focus will be the use of theory for analysis purposes. The institute will culminate in a brainstorming session on possibilities for adapting visual methods of research to the study of occupation, and discussion of potential funding and publication opportunities for studies using visual research methods).

Click here for more information about the Pre-Conference Institute Workshop by Dr. Laura Lorenz. Thursday October 4th, 2012 (2:30 - 6:00 pm).

  Laura's facilitated a 90-minute seminar at the 35th National Conference, Association for Medical Education in Research and Substance Abuse (AMERSA) on “Talking with Pictures: Concepts and Hands-on Experience” for researchers and clinicians. This workshop briefly covered the foundations of photovoice, provide examples of photos and narratives from work with brain injury survivors and people living with HIV/AIDS, and provide hands-on experience with several photovoice steps: (a) becoming a visual researcher, (b) discussing images and writing narratives, and (c) developing project themes. The workshop will culminate in a brainstorming session by session attendees on possibilities for adapting the photovoice methodology to their educational, research, service, and evaluation programs.

The 2011 AMERSA Executive Board and Workshop Review Committee, has chosen Dr. Lorenz's workshop, Talking with Pictures: Concepts and Hands-on Experience, for the 2010 Best Workshop Award. The award will be presented during the Award Plenary Session of the 2011 AMERSA national meeting which will be held November 3rd-5th 2011 at the Sheraton Crystal City Hotel, in Arlington, VA.  Click here to read more information on our Lectures and Workshops Page.

  - Brain Injury X-Posed: The Survivor’s View PhotoVoice II

Members of the "Amazing" Brain Injury Survivor Support Group in Framingham, Massachusetts embarked on a 2nd new PhotoVoice Project entitled (PhotoVoice II). The exhibit was prepared by the participants and facilitators over eight-weeks and took place from September through December 2009...

View more this extraordinary 2nd PhotoVoice project by clicking here.


tm - lslorenz.com Girls Inc. Photovoice: Cultural Ambassadors Project
(CAP) builds on Girls Inc.’s 10 years of experience with photovoice and Dr Lorenz. CAP is an after-school program that puts cameras in the hands of adolescent girls so they can take photographs of community resources and problems and share them with each other and with people who make decisions, and expands photovoice to encompass an investigation of culture and strengthen the research skill-building aspect of photovoice. Photovoice: CAP aims to enhance girls’ understanding of culture in a global sense: Project activities will take place at Girls Inc. of Greater Lowell, Lowell High School Freshman Academy, and BR21 Middle School in Vienna, Austria. To find out more about this project click here Girls Inc. Photovoice: Cultural Ambassadors Project on the Projects and Exhibits page. January 2011


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