Young Changemakers with a Camera Partnership with a Girl Scout Troop

Lakewood, Ohio, USA

This summer activity in 2020 was an amazing partnership between PhotovoiceWorldwide and a Girl Scout Troop in Ohio. Meeting online via Zoom, a group of middle-school girls were provided with the opportunity to learn about the photovoice method and safe photo taking, take pictures and write captions, and work with their peers to put together virtual exhibit. The girls were asked to “Take photos about their summer – What do you like? What do you want to do more of? What do you wish you could do?” Some of the photo themes, which were developed by the youth participants, included: People, Water, Summer necessities, Flowers/Vegetables, and “Things we do more of because of COVID.”

It’s my sister's [ripstick] and I’ve been trying to learn it this summer because I wanted something to do. My sister helps me. It’s a lot of balance because you have to move with it as well. I haven’t learned how to fully ride it yet… This is the goal for the end of the summer.

We went to the beach. This picture is of a growing wave and I took it because I was trying to get my camera inside a wave that’s curling over. I wasn’t able to do that so I came out with this. I thought this looked kinda weird so I decide to include it. Also, the original photo had a bunch of sky and I cropped out a bunch. I tried to make it look like the wave was bigger than it actually was.

I took this photo to symbolize that since Lakewood is a walkable town you should choose to walk or ride a bike instead of driving. If a lot more people choose to walk it would cost you less money because you won't be needing as much gas and  it will be a lot better for the environment. We always walk because downtown Lakewood is right down the street, but I also know a lot of people who choose not to walk, even though they can choose to walk they don't.

– Charlotte, age 11

– Eleanor, age 11

– Alma, age 11

“All of the work you and your team did with the girls was amazing! ...The opportunity to learn about using photography as a way to make your voice heard was a powerful message that I know will stay with her. The timing for this, during the pandemic, the racial/equity/activism discussion happening countrywide and the girls being at a formative stage right now, was perfect. Thank you again for everything-Loved the completed project”

–Parent of a Young Changemaker

Young Changemakers

During the last session, the girls shared what they had learned and their experience with their invited guests. The presentation showcased photos and captions from each girl across the identified themes, and a video prepared by our summer intern, Carson Peters.