Talking with Pictures: Community Integration of Older Adults with Brain Injury

Lexington, MA, USA

In 2015 Talking with Pictures looked with fresh eyes at community integration of older adults with brain injury in Lexington, MA. Participants took photographs and wrote captions to investigate and share information on their lives, experiences, and community. The project exhibit fostered community dialog about integration of people with disabilities into community life, and informed town decision-making about sidewalk improvements. The project received a grant from the Dana Home Foundation and was sponsored by the nonprofit Supportive Living Inc.

Imagine walking up this sidewalk alone with a walker. I have to push and hold on, so I don’t roll back. Gravity keeps pulling me back. The cement is rough and bumpy. People are helpful when they are around, but I am not always so lucky.

Like leaves, we are all different yet, when viewed together we make a beautiful collage/tapestry.

– Shaun G.

– Julie M.

Talking With Pictures

Get a glimpse of just how photovoice impacted the lives of individuals and their understanding of their community. This film represents what the participants wanted to reflect on, document, and share in an exhibit to create awareness about being older and living with brain injury in their community.