Leveling the Playing Field for Anxiety Disorder: A Photovoice Project

Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

In 2018 this project created awareness among Indianapolis stakeholders about the burden of anxiety in patients’ lives and the imperative of improving emergency department care for anxiety. The project was sponsored by the Indiana University School of Medicine, with funding from a P2P (Pipeline to Proposal) Award from PCORI (Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute), administered on behalf of PCORI by Trailhead Institute.

I get pretty miserable in the heat. It affects my life and my anxiety, but it is hard to articulate that. I just wanted to be in that swimming pool. Like on a day like today, when I get home from work, all I want to do is get in the shower. Of course my girl, she wants to talk, but I am not in the mood for talking, I just want to relax and take it easy. All that talking makes me have anxiety. It wears on you, bad. So to me, that’s a simple picture of a swimming pool. Needless to say, that is where I want to be.

For many It can be easy to dwell on the days that are particularly challenging without recognizing or appreciating the good days. This picture represents the majority of days that I have with anxiety in that there are many days where the steps in front of me look insurmountable. One of the rare benefits of anxiety that I have experienced is that the bad days with anxiety help me to really appreciative the days where I am stress free. On the good days I am at the top of these steps looking down at the beautiful view.

- Chet M.

– Alex P.

“We are trying to get anxiety seen as something serious, which it is. Anxiety is not just feeling anxious. It is something that can be debilitating. It needs to be taken more seriously in the Emergency Department. This project is our chance to talk about anxiety, so people can see where we are coming from.”

– Marshall Conley, Peer Leader