Brain Injury X-Posed: The Survivor's View

Framingham, Massachusetts, USA

Photovoice created an opportunity for members of a brain injury support group to reflect on living with brain injury and their progress in dealing with major life change, raise awareness about brain injury, and help policy makers understand ways to support healing. From 2006-2008 participants created an exhibit of 50 photographs and captions organized under 9 themes: The Journey, Lost Dreams, Chaos, Challenges, Strategies, My Advocacy Story, Comfort and Support, Acceptance, and Hope for the Future.

Imagine your automobile stuck in a snow bank. You hit the gas pedal and all the tire does is spin. Now imagine yourself trying to run on ice (without wearing a pair of skates). The faster you run, the more you get nowhere. These images parallel how each and every day of my life begins since I suffered my brain injury. I seem to spend a whole lot of time getting nothing accomplished.

Before brain injury, I was a busy doctor. Now I am a retired, handicapped doctor who goes to a rehabilitation hospital for weekly support groups and therapies.

– Participant

– Participant

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